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The WTA Academy’s Network Partner Role  


The engagement of the WTA Academy focuses on its collaboration with compatible partners and the hosting of joint continued education events. These activities make it possible to make WTA’s expert competencies, such as masonry work repairs according to WTA standards, up-to-date timber frame repair know-how according to WTA standards, holistic building repairs and refurbishments according to WTA standards available to the target groups in focused manner. Moreover, the individual National WTA Groups conduct location specific continued and advanced education programs covering expert topics.


In recent years, the WTA Academy has also developed successful event partnerships to build networks and identify ideas, solutions, concepts and perspectives for building and monument preservation as well as repairs. For instance, the Academy actively supports expert training courses for the refurbishment of structures affected by damages caused by moisture and mould offered by the Ökozentrum Hamm at the Dortmund Chamber of Craft Trades.


Furthermore, the WTA closely cooperates with numerous associations, e.g. the German Timber and Building Preservation Association [DHBV = Deutscher Holz- und Bautenschutzverband]. The WTA Academy provides instructors for DHBV vocational seminars (e.g. DHBV Timber and Building Preservation Technician). It facilitates specific individual seminars on behalf of the DHBV. The intense collaboration in the organization of the Timber and Building Preservation Conference HOBA is also very important. Moreover, as a network partner, the WTA Academy did and does host a half-day seminar at the Allgäu Construction Experts Convention in Oberstdorf, Germany.


The BauhausAkademie Schloss Ettersburg, the Institut Fortbildung Bau (IFBAU) of the Architects’ Chamber Baden-Württemberg, the Akademie der Ingenieure Ostfildern, the Ingenieurakademie West of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, the EIPOS Dresden, the Fachverband für Ausbau und Fassade (SAF) Baden-Württemberg and the Propstei Johannesberg are some of the other key cooperative partners of the WTA Academy.