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International Conference on Conservation Technology of Built Heritage - 2018

The International Conference on Conservation Technology of Built Heritage -2018 deals with the theme "Toward the Revitalization of Historic Place".

Veranstalter: Architectural Conservation Laboratory, WTA-International

Ort: Tongji University (No.1239 Siping Road), Shanghai, China

"Built Heritage" is a kind of cultural heritage shaped by way of construction. Under the condition of rapid urban renewal, the heritage preservationists are facing the serious challenges of how to achieve the adaptive revitalization of historic place based on the protection of built heritage and its environment, and how to integrate heritages with urban environment and contemporary demands. Conservation Technology is a vital part to bring about that future.

The revitalization of historic place is a complex topic involving the character preservation, comfort and safety of urban and rural historic place. Its scope covers not only the monumental ancient and modern buildings together with their adjacent environment as well, but also the vernacular architecture which forms the majority of urban and rural built environment; its technical means include not only the traditional craftsmanship and materials as well as their modern methods of restoration, but also the architectural physics evaluation and rehabilitation methods for historic place, safety assessments and reinforcement technologies for the historic structure. Thus, this international conference set up four sub-themes in response to this complexity, including theory and research, design and planning, practice and case study, and education and training. Meanwhile, an international exhibition of the conservation technology of built heritage will be held during the conference period. It is hoped that this conference will provide an opportunity for a comprehensive exploration of the technological issues and means in the revitalization of built heritage, build an academic platform for the research of heritage conservation technology, and promote the development of heritage conservation technology.



Sub-themes I: Theory and Research

  • Theory, guideline and criteria of conservation and revitalization
  • Information technology in the conservation of built heritage
  • Heritage conservation technology for different materials and structures
  • Traditional construction and restoration technology

Sub-theme II: Design and Planning

  • Application of building physics in built heritage conservation (thermal insulation, moisture proof, sound proof, fire proof, energy saving, etc.)
  • Maintenance and evaluation of internal enviroment of historic buildings

Sub-theme III: Practice and Case Study

  • Case study on sustainable building restoration
  • Restoration and maintenance techniques of rural areas

Sub-theme IV: Education and Training

  • Teaching on science and technology of heritage conservation
  • Primary training and popular science teaching
  • Laboratory establishment


Organizers and Co-organizer

1. Organizers

  • Tongji University Shanghai - China
  • WTA - International Association for Science and Technology of Building Maintenance and Monument Preservation
  • Academic Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage, Architectural Society of China
  • HAWK - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim - Germany
  • WHITRAP  World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (Shanghai-China)

2. Co-organizers

  • Journal of Architectural Heritage (China)
  • Journal of Built Heritage (Great Britain)
  • University of Hong Kong - China
  • World Cultural Heritage Management Center, Huzhou – China

3. Supporters

  • Shanghai Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau
  • Shanghai Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage
  • Shanghai Municipal Historic Building Conservation Center


Date and Venue

1. Date

  • Registration: 6th June, 2018
  • Conference: 7th – 8th June, 2018
  • Excursion:   8th – 9th June, 2018;  Nanxun,  Huzhou,  Zhejiang Province

2. Venue

Tongji University; No.1239 Siping Road; Shanghai-China

3. Language

Chinese and English (simultaneous interpreter will be arranged in the main hall.)


Conference Registration and Paper Submission

1. Paper Submission

  • Submission of Abstracts: 27th April, 2018
  • Submission of Full Papers: 20th May, 2018

Papers selected by the academic committee of the conference will be included in the proceedings and be published later.

2. Submission of Panels for the Exhibition: 20th May, 2018

3. Submission of Registration Form: 20th May, 2018

4. Registration Fee: 1500 CNY (190 EUR or 220 USD); Invited guests, members of the Academic Committee and students are free of registration charge. Additional fee will be charged separately for the excursion.

5. Exihibition Fee: Free for non-profit organizations, 500 EUR/panel for companies (one participant´s registration fee will be waived)

For registration from Germany, please sent the registration form to the German office.



1. Organizing Committee (China):

Architectural Conservation Laboratory, No. 113, Wenyuan Building Tongji University

Tel: +86-21-65982265; email:;

2. Organizing Committee (Germany):

WTA-International - Mrs. Schneider Susanne

Tel: +49 89 57 86 97 27; email:

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