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WTA CZ  2015 Activity Report

According to the New Czech Civic Code – transformation of Civic associations to Registered Association. The Czech Ministry of Affairs handed over the registrations to the Public Register. Our association is registered as “Scientific and Technical Association for Building Rehabilitation and Monument Preservation z.s. (r.a. /registered association) “.  At the General Meeting held on 12 November 2015 approved the new statutes. It was also re-elected the Bureau in its previous composition.


WTA CZ events in 2015

  • Preparatory seminar for authorisation tests “Rehabilitation of Masonry from Moisture” which was held in Prague at Klokner Institute on 22.9.2015 with 10 participants
  • Authorisation tests for the section of “Rehabilitation of Masonry from Moisture” were carried out on 6th October 2015 with 10 participants of whom 5 passed. 
  • Seminary “Technology of timber and timber framed structures” in Prag at Klokner Institute on 15th April 2015 with 18 participants.
  • Authorisation tests for the section of “Rehabilitation of Concrete Constructions” in Brno on 23rd April 2015 with 9 participants of whom 7 passed.
  • 37th International Conference “Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Constructions 2015“ and 17th International Conference WTA CZ "CRRB - 17th International Conference on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Building" – see bellow
  • support for young generation within the Association’s activities by organisation of various competitions and assessments
  • The best thesis competition and further the best doctoral dissertation competition were announced.
  • best rehabilitation work of the year competition was announced

The best thesis and doctoral dissertation competitions were finished together with the assessment, hand-over of diplomas at November Conference in 2015. 3 theses and 2 doctoral dissertations were assessed.


Publication of magazine

Reporter 1-2/2015 – papers:

  • Composition of Lightweight Repair Mortars with Regard to the Requirement of Increased Resistance to Fire
  • Restauration and Sculpture Renovation of the Austria Sculpture at the Artillery Company of Death
  • Timber-Framed Building of Rowing Centre
  • The Eupalinos Tunnel
  • News form the Technical Journals and B+B Bauen im Bestand


Reporter 3-4/2015 – papers:

  • The Baroque Tresaure of Broumov Region
  • Mercury Intrussion Porosimetry of Granitoids
  • Realization of Copies of Alabaster Passion Cycle
  • Remediation of the Archdeanery building of the St. John museum in Nepomuk.

  • Colours
  • Replacement of Repair Mortars Silicate Binding Agent Destined for Extreme Temperature Concitions
  • The Eupalinos Tunnel II.
  • News from the Technical Journals and B+B Bauen im Bestand
  • Certified Restoration Plaster Systems WTA-Inter
  • Certified Injection against Capillary Moisture


Further Activities

  • Continuation in awarding of authorisation for the field of Rehabilitation of Concrete Constructions  - 50 persons in total
  • Continuation in awarding of authorisation for the field of Rehabilitation of Walled Construction against Moisture – 35 persons in total
  • Upgrade of  WTA CZ web pages, higher user comfort


Looking back at 17th International Conference CRRB 2015 – Conference on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings

  • WTA CZ, in partnership with Klokner Institute, held an International Conference on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings (CRRB 2015) on 12 and 13 November 2015 in Prag. The focus of the conference was topically parallel to the following areas of WTA CZ interests. The scientific papers included the areas of remediation of wood structures, building surface treatments (plasters), repair mortars, stone restoration, and rehabilitation of masonry, rehabilitation of concrete structures, physicochemical properties of building materials, statics and dynamics of buildings and rehabilitation of timber-frame structures.
  • The main goal of the conference was to enable the transfer of experience with the rehabilitations of different types of structures for conference participants. Moreover, to meet the knowledge regarding the behavior of materials or the efficiency of methods used in these fields of area of interest. The international conference, held in English language, was parallel to traditional Czech conference “Sanace a rekonstrukce staveb 2015” held in Czech language. This Czech conference is more focused not only on the scientific research, as well as on the papers regarding the practical experience. The advantage from both conferences, held parallel together, was the possibility for the participants to select proper oral presentation of their interests; additionally, the discussi-on´s impact of presented topics was intensified by larger audience too. Regarding the international character of conference, a greater participation from Russian Universities was noted, but also representatives from Germany, Ukraine or Spain Universities participated too. Both of the conferences were visited by ninety participants who gave a good assumption for extensive knowledge exchange between participants.
  • All the scientific papers from CRRB 2015 conference were submitted to the conference proceedings, which includes 63 papers. All the papers were firstly peer-reviewed and after the revision process, the final proceedings version is at this moment being published in electronic form in periodical journal Advance Material Research (Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Inc.).